Why Actuate’s Courses and Services Best Ensure Your eLearning Investment RoI

Content that’s on par with any available globally

Our content has a global orientation, drawing upon research and case studies from the best sources across the world. Meaning, your employees get content that has a global orientation, is based on sound research and can help them ‘be the best possible version of themselves’ (that’s our mission statement, by the way).

Bottom Line: Provide your employees with world-class content that will earn you their gratitude and praise.

Made for India Content

Sure, eLearning content must be global in its orientation. But it must be local in its context, to be effective.

That’s why Actuate’s courses utilize:

  1. Indian scenarios
  2. Indian narrators/ actors
  3. Indian accents

Bottom line: eLearning that is relatable, relevant and will thus be rated highly by your employees..

Video-format microlessons; optimised for phone-based learning

The modern-day learner wants content:

In bite-sized modules
In video-format
Optimised for the phone
That is relatable
That is sound
That is practical

You want content that ticks all those boxes.

Look no further, then!

Bottom Line: Obtain content that is optimized for the modern-day learner!

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We Partner with You in Ensuring eLearning Investment RoI

Ask Netflix. Great content is just the start.

If you want content consumption though, you need to consistently ‘market’ the courses to your learners.

But that’s not for you to worry about. We handle this aspect for you, year-round, helping ensure that your learners are consistently engaging with the content we provide you with.

Bottom Line: Your eLearning investment deserves a high RoI. We help you deliver it.

Rated by clients as the best they’ve seen in India

As you can see from the testimonial below, our clients say that we are the best that they’ve seen in India.

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Here’s how our learners rate our courses

Here’s our promise to you:

We’ll never stop trying to get better than what we were yesterday. What that means for you are content and services that deliver better results and a greater RoI for you.

Bottom line: It’s a relatively fail-safe investment for you.




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