Module 6: Epilogue

Congratulations. You’ve reached the end of the Time Management module!

Considering typical learners are very busy people in today’s world, we thank you for your time and diligence in taking all the lessons. So, what now?

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Module 5: Prioritisation and Scheduling Your Day

Sometimes, scheduling your day isn’t enough. You need to prioritise your tasks and be smart about it. How that can be done is a topic we will explore at length in this course.

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Module 4: How to Tame the Unending To-Do and Urgency List

Sometimes, no matter how minutely you may have mapped out your day to complete all your tasks, a few urgent tasks may come your way and skew your schedule. What can you do to manage such urgent tasks?

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Module 3: The Urgency Addiction Scourge

Fixing issues and successfully dousing fires can be intensely satisfying, for many a leader, who finds that being in the thick of challenges is intrinsically enjoyable. And so, these urgency addicts actively seek high-pressure situations, often creating urgencies through their own actions. But is this the right path to take, what are the pitfalls, and where does it take them?

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Module 2: Time Management Myths (and Why These Limit You)

What is your understanding of time-management? Do you think time management is multitasking? Do you think it is creating “”to-do”” lists? Or Do you think time management means planning every minute of your day?

People who understand time management know it is none of the above. What then is time management, what are some of it’s myths, and why we should be careful not to fall for them? Take this course to find out.

Happy Learning!

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