03. b. Building Credibility 01:Dress and Grooming

If you’re going to handle their business, you’re going to have to carry yourself well to begin with.

It pays to remember that in a face-to-face meeting your customer will:

  • See you first,
  • Hear you second, and
  • Listen to you last.

The first impression that you create then is extremely crucial if you want your prospect to take you seriously. You could be saying the right things, but if your appearance does not correspond to your words, it could reduce the impact that your words have.

You need to be seen as someone used to dealing with people in the top flight. With the right attire, you’ll have made the right statement well before the introductions are over.

Also, you need to be seen as a competent ‘consultant’ and not as another ‘one of those pesky salespeople out to hawk their wares’.

Well, if you want to be seen as a consultant, then, here’re two images, which depict what such an individual would look like.


Here is a checklist for you to follow, which will make you come across as that highly competent


Get these things right and you would have given your prospect the impression – based on your appearance – that you are someone who is accustomed to dealing with heads of businesses, who would dress similarly.

You will now appear like one of them.

And such a person can be consulted with, not the pesky salesperson hawking his wares.