04. Chaitra Dilemma: Case Study

We continue our exploration of the subject of Conflict Resolution with a video-based case study. Please study the video carefully and then respond to the questions provided at the end (by clicking on the ‘Questions’ link).

Now, you might not have personally experienced the situation depicted in the video in your own workplace. This case study, though, has been designed to highlight some key behavior patterns. Understanding these behaviors is vital for your effective participation in the classroom workshop, where we will be discussing everyday situations that you could be faced with.

This lesson is in video format.

Transcript Provided
We recognise that some participants prefer reading to listening. If you are one of them, then you can access a transcript of the lesson by clicking on the View Transcript button below the video.

Note: Once you are done responding to the questions, you will be directed to a slide deck with the lessons based on the case study. You are required to complete this lesson as well.

Happy Learning!