09. Assertiveness Explained

Although assertiveness is universally deemed an important skill for communication and socialization, either in one’s personal sphere or the work place, it is a skill that is often misunderstood. People have mixed feelings about the topic and varying opinions about what it really means to be assertive, and this can be quite confusing.

Make no mistake though – a lot hinges on one’s ability to be assertive, from dealing with day-to-day activities to major life decisions, and consequential qualitative outcomes. It might be worthwhile therefore, to explore assertiveness, its implications and practical applications in detail.

In this lesson, we explore the basic tenets of what it means to be truly assertive.

We’re going to take a closer look at what assertiveness means, how it manifests itself, what it looks like in action and what are the potential outcomes of choosing assertiveness as a default response over aggressiveness or passivity.

Please study the presentation carefully and then take the quiz mentioned below.

This lesson is in an infographic format.
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