1. Downloadable Resources

Growing Your EQ: Downloadable Resources

We hope you found the Growing Your EQ course to be of value.

Quick Reference Guide

To help you further your learning, we’ve added a quick reference guide to the course, which is essentially a summary of all the lessons contained in the course. You can download this using the ‘Course Summary’ link below.

A Tool to Help You Implement Lessons Learned

We’ve also added an action planning template that you can use to create a concrete plan to help you grow your EQ. You can download this form using the Action Planning Template link below

Additional Learning Resources

In this course, we have barely scratched the surface of this subject. We’d like to direct your attention thus to a few additional learning resources, including books, online resources and a few more courses from Actuate Microlearning’s own catalogue.

Please click on the Additional Learning link below to download a PDF with these resources.


Happy learning and lesson implementation!