01. A Schema to Help You Understand strategy

A schema to help you:Read More

  • Understand, classify and influence your stakeholder’s strategy
  • Quickly select the right tools to further the strategy discussion

Imagine you are at the strategy discussion table, and your stakeholder is sharing their current strategy with you. You are being requested to help them evaluate and/ or action their strategy.

How do you go about evaluating their strategy? And, how do you further the strategy discussion in an organised manner?

These are the questions that we seek to answer in this lesson. In this lesson, a slideshow, we share with you a fail-proof means of understanding and classifying your customer’s strategy. We also share with you a quick reference guide that will help you quickly pick the right tool to further your interaction with your stakeholder. (Note, we will be discussing each of these tools at length as the Strategic Thinking program progresses).

It is imperative that you gain an in-depth understanding of the schema that we have shared with you in this lesson, forming as it does the backbone of the strategy discussion.

In the next lesson, we will be integrating the three mindsets that constitute a Big-Picture Orientation along with this schema. This integration is key to you effectively influencing your customer’s strategy.

This lesson is in an infographic format.
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Specific Steps I Will Take to Improve My Communication With My Onshore Counterparts

Benefits/Outcomes that will accrue if I do this

Target Date

Probable Barriers to Implementing My Action Plan

How I Will Overcome These Barriers

Target Date