01. Can You be Counted Upon?

As a young leader in [Your Organisation], do you dream of scaling even greater heights in your career? If yes, then the following attitudes and behaviours are key to aiding you in your career development.

Think of these as the characteristics of ‘a leader who can be counted upon’.


The Attitudes that a Leader-Manager, Who Can be Counted upon, Needs to Possess


1. Lives out [Your Organisation’s] Value of ‘An Entrepreneurial Mindset’

Surely, you know that having an entrepreneurial mindset is part of the DNA of [Your Organisation]. Now, there are many facets to such a mindset. However, the primary facet, and one that will ultimately determine how well you do as a leader is this: you need to think of yourself as the owner of your business, your business being your region/ area/ product/ department. The opposite of this thought pattern is viewing oneself merely as an employee paid to do a job.

And as we will see in the rest of this lesson, everything else follows from here.

So, here is something for you to ponder over: do you think of yourself as the owner of your business? Or, do you consider yourself a mere employee?


2. Recognizes One’s Worth to the Organisation

Do you realize how important a resource you are to [Your Organisation]? You are not simply a small, unknown ‘area manager’ in some far flung location or branch. You are the person who ultimately makes the wheels of the company turn.

It is you who is either directly involved in revenue producing roles or are an able support to those in such a role. Either way, without your contribution we would not be where are today. Without you, we will fail to get to where we aspire to.

Your organisation recognizes your worth. Do you? It is high time you did, if you don’t already, that is.


3. Recognizes that One Touches Lives & Inspires Hearts

Do you recognize that your direct team members, DSA’s, DST’s, your office staff, etc. look up to you? You are their leader and your words and conduct impacts their life.

You are also [Your Organisation’s] brand ambassador. What you say about the organisation influences those who hear you speak. Do you speak in glowing terms about the organisation? Or do you speak ill about it?

How do you view and treat your team? Do you treat them with respect? Do your words and conduct build them up or break them down? Are your words inspiring or demotivating?

How customer centric are you? Are you completely focused on the four tenets of [Your Organisation’s] customer centricity programme?

You need to always be mindful of the message that your attitude and conduct are communicating.

These three attitudes need to translate into concrete behaviours or habits, which we call ‘The four habits of the manager who can be counted upon’. These are enumerated in the next lesson.



In conclusion, here are three attitudes of the leader that can be counted upon:

  1. Lives out [Your Organisation] value of ‘An Entrepreneurial Mindset’
  2. Recognizes one’s worth to the organisation
  3. Recognizes that one touches lives & inspires hearts
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