01. How Does One Know That One is Influential? – Self Reflection

How does one know that one is influential? There’s an interesting question.

It’s not often that people stop to ponder that question, and given the nature of the content coming up, it’s best to figure out now where we stand with regards to being influential in social situations.

We’d like you to be as candid and honest with yourself as you can when considering this theme. This is why in the interest of anonymity, the self-reflection questionnaire provided is not an online one. Remember: This is not an assessment or a test. You cannot pass or fail this exercise. Your self-evaluation stays only with you and it is intended to be a point of reference for you in your learning journey.

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Happy Learning!

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Specific Steps I Will Take to Improve My Communication With My Onshore Counterparts

Benefits/Outcomes that will accrue if I do this

Target Date

Probable Barriers to Implementing My Action Plan

How I Will Overcome These Barriers

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