02. The Four Habits of the Manager Who Can be Counted Upon

Read MoreIn the last lesson, we had looked at the attitudes that the leader-manager in [Your Organisation] needs to possess. In this lesson, we look at the four behaviours or habits that define such a leader.


The Four Habits, Explained


1. Is able to grow business profitably

An entrepreneur, and that is what you need to see yourself as, operates with one goal in mind: profitable growth.

To an entrepreneur, nothing else matters. Without this, every other business metric is worthless.

And here is a truth that you need to be mindful of always: those involved in entrepreneurial pursuits, do not operate within environments that are safe and perfectly suited for profitable growth.

On the contrary, an entrepreneur operates in an environment that has severe limitations, for example lack of financial resources, lack of brand recognition in the market, larger and more established competition, who can offer large discounts, a small team, etc.,

Yet, the entrepreneur never wavers in his or her pursuit of profitable growth.

Here is a question for you to ponder upon: does profitable growth matter to you, similarly? Or, are you content with mere revenue growth at the expense of profitability? Worse still, are you content with no growth at all?

As a leader in [Your Organisation], profitable growth at a customer, branch and market level needs to be your motto.


2. Is able to vision out a roadmap to deal with challenges successfully

In the earlier point, we had mentioned that the kind of leader that [Your Organisation] seeks, a leader who can be counted upon, needs to be unwavering in his or her pursuit of profitable growth. And that requires that you do not let obstacles and challenges be an excuse for poor performance.

Every leader faces obstacles and challenges. Just like you. The key is to be able to vision out a roadmap to overcome these challenges. And the responsibility of taking charge of finding solutions to these challenges is yours. It is not the MD’s job, nor your business head’s, nor your manager’s, but yours first.

Yes, you may draw upon their expertise and wisdom, but the job of visioning out solutions, and of ultimately finding the solutions to challenges faced, is yours first.


3. Works without supervision; is driven to succeed

The leader who [Your Organisation] truly values, the kind that one can say be counted upon, is one who is driven to succeed. And this drive is best seen in a determination to work without the need to be constantly supervised.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder over: Are you able to independently take charge of your business, of your goal sheet achievement plans, of inspiring your team to perform at peak levels and of being able to come up with solutions to challenges faced?

Can you do this independently and without the constant need for supervision from your bosses?

Also, when no one is watching you, are you the kind that still gives one hundred percent? Or, do you tend to shirk responsibilities?

The answer to these questions will tell you how much you can be counted upon by the  organisation. And in these answer to these questions lies the key to your career success.


4. Leads from the front; is a role model to colleagues and team members

It is human tendency that we follow the head of the pack that we are a part of. Your pack, that is your team, will follow you, the head of their pack. They will follow, or imitate in other words, your thoughts, your actions, your professionalism, dedication and desire to excel. Your team looks to you as their role-model.

Here is a thought that we want to you to consider: are you the right kind of role model for your team to follow?

Is your conduct and professionalism exemplary? Are you truly committed to excellence? Do people see in you a professional committed to constantly improving his or her knowledge, skills and abilities? Do you display a fierce ambition to succeed against all odds?

For these are the thought patterns and conduct that your team members hope to see in you. For it is only when they view these in you that they will similarly imbibe such behaviour.


In conclusion:

If you desire to grow in your career, if you desire to be seen as a leader who can be counted upon, then you need to live out these four habits or behaviour patterns daily:

  1. Find ways to grow your business profitably
  2. Vision out solutions to challenges faced
  3. Work dedicatedly and without supervision
  4. Lead from the front. Be the role model your team will want to follow.