04. Why People Underperform: Caselet Debrief

Lesson 2, you will recall, posed six caselets before you with underperformance as the theme.

This lesson contains the debriefs to those caselets.

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Caselet 1 Debrief (Expand)

Caselet 2 Debrief (Expand)


Caselet 3 Debrief (Expand)


Caselet 4 Debrief (Expand)


Caselet 5 Debrief (Expand)


Caselet 6 Debrief (Expand)

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Specific Steps I Will Take to Improve My Communication With My Onshore Counterparts

Benefits/Outcomes that will accrue if I do this

Target Date

Probable Barriers to Implementing My Action Plan

How I Will Overcome These Barriers

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