07. Pre-Workshop Assignment I – Reflection Questions

Read MoreHere are a few questions, based on the lessons which had been shared with you, to reflect upon before the classroom workshop. We will be discussing these in detail, during the classroom session.

However, we request you to share your inputs on these questions with us, before, as part of the pre-workshop lessons.


What we request you to do

Step 01: Download the form – containing  the questions mentioned below – using the ‘Download’ button

Step 02: Jot down your responses to the questions provided in the form

Step 03: Upload the duly filled in form to the site, using the ‘Upload’ button below.


What’s in this for you?

Completing this assignment (filling in and sharing your thoughts with us) could:

  • Fetch you hundred points
  • Gives you a chance to top the leaderboard


Questions for reflection (these are on the form provided):

  • Do I agree with the input on how big ticket purchases are made by large organisations? What has been my experience of how my customers make big ticket purchases?
  • Do I see us as a team make any of the five mistakes enumerated in the lesson? (If applicable) Which of these mistakes have I seen us commit?
  • (If applicable) How might committing either of these mistakes impact our sale?
  • How might the Total Talent Architecture model suggested by Randstad help us overcome these mistakes?

Download the form here

Download your copy of the form using the download link below.