08. How Does One Know That One is Influential? – Self Reflection: Post Assessment

At the start of this course, we asked you to ponder an important question.

How does one know that one is influential?

To that end, you then took a questionnaire to get an indication of where you stood with regards to being influential in social situations.

You have, since then, had a chance to explore concepts, principles and techniques on how to up your influencing quotient – content derived from some of the most acclaimed sources available today.

You’re probably curious to know how that translates into improvement for you. Truth be told, seeing remarkable change will take time – and sustained practice and application of the aforementioned concepts and techniques.

For what it’s worth though, we’ll end with the same questionnaire we began with. As before, we ask that you take the questionnaire as candidly and honestly as before. As before, it’s not an online exercise. And remember: this is not an assessment or a test. You cannot pass or fail this exercise.

Please click on the ‘Download’ button below to access your hard copy. Take the questionnaire and compare it with your earlier version to see if there’s anything of a needle-shift.

Happy Learning!

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