4.2. Advancing the Sale

Advancing the Sale: Illustrations

Advancing the sale after you have made your pitch: Illustration

  • “Sir, these are the three/ four common complaints that customers have when we meet with them. Which of these would you also have?”
  • “If those specific doubts were cleared, would you be willing to take our discussion forward?

Advancing the sale at the end of the objection/ doubts management exercise: Illustration

  • And if the doubts were cleared, then what might the next step in the decision process be?”
  • [At the end] “Sir, I believe that a sales relationship should never descend into pestilence. And, I would never want to push you into buying something that you do not feel you need. However, it is critical that we maintain honesty and transparency in our interactions. So, do feel free to share with me if you feel this sale is going forward, is being shelved, or you have decided to go ahead with another vendor. The last thing I want to do is disturb you with a gazillion calls. So, whatever be the update, please do feel free to share it with me.

Advancing the Sale: A Quick Reference Guide

  1. Identify what the immediate next step would be in the sales process
  2. Identify the doubts/ objections/ reservations that the prospect has about you, your organisation, your capability that could derail the sales process and prevent it from moving forward
  3. Look for commitment that if all questions/ doubts/reservations were dealt with successfully, they would take the sale forward
  4. Respond to the stumbling-blocks that have been identified
  5. Hold them to their commitment
  6. Repeat this after the next micro-decision in the buyer journey has been taken, and you are looking to move the sale forward

Advancing the Sale: An Exercise

How will you advance the sale at each step of the buyer journey?

Please click on the link below, to download your file for the excercise.