A Compelling Vision: Illustration

Here is an example of a vision statement that the CEO of an organisation communicated to his team. Notice how it speaks to the team’s head and heart.

1. Explaining the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’

We noticed a lack of compassion, a missing human touch, in the air travel experience. And so, in the year 1995, we set out to bring humanity back to the skies.

2. Paint a compelling visual landscape that excites your team

At XXX, we’re not just committed to air travel. We recognise our responsibility to the world – to better the lives of our customers, our crew members and the communities we serve, and to inspire others to do the same.

It’s what we’re still doing today; only we’ve taken our promise below our wings and beyond our airports, bringing the customer service in the sky to charitable services on the ground.
And because of our endeavour, we hope to be the first airline that customers pick to fly with.

3. Show how what they do daily impacts the larger organisation, especially its future. Show them that their work matters (and how)

Now, you might wonder how what you are doing daily, matters. How do you, whose only job is to load and unload baggage, or you, the aircraft maintenance engineer, enable the creation of a better life of everyone involved.

Let me just say this. If you didn’t do your job with the utmost diligence, all of us will fail. Because if anything at all prevents our customers from having anything less than a stellar experience with us, we will fail our mission of bringing humanity to the skies. And our hopes to be the first airline our customers pick to fly with, will be in vain. You are the most important cog in the wheel. It is only when each of you do your best, that we can serve our customers, our crew and humanity as a whole.

4. Articulate the impact of success on your team members’ careers

Another question that each of you will undoubtedly – and rightfully – have is “what’s in this for me? How will all this impact me?”
At XXX, our endeavour is to ensure that every day that you spend with us equips you for greatness in life; that we help you become the person and professional that you have always dreamt of being, the kind the world looks up to; that at the end of your time with us, we are both better off because we met.
What I am trying to say in so many words is that we wish to enhance your resume, and help you succeed! So, you can go be the best that our customers, and the world at large needs you to be!

5. The vision, encapsulated in one line

Up, for Good!


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