Leadership Skills

Leaders need to possess outstanding managerial capability combined with energy, a vision for the future and the capability to translate it into reality. As leadership expert Warren Bennis once stated, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

It doesn’t take an expert though, to understand the magnitude of impact a leader can have on everyone within their sphere of influence. And that impact, could be positive or negative, depending on the effectiveness of the leader in question.

The following of leadership courses will keep you in good stead by identifying for you the various aspects of being a leader and how one can influentially lead by example.

Driving Performance, Reducing Attrition: Employee Engagement and Motivation

Critical Conversation Skills for Leaders

Sway! Influencing Without Power

Empower! The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisals for Managers and their Team Members

Building High Performance Teams

Handling Remote Teams: A Manager’s Guide


Driving Change and Making It Stick: A Manager’s Guide

Achievement Orientation: Achievement Orientation: The Traits that Differentiate High Achievers from Others

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