Achievement Orientation Programmes


Achievement Orientation Programmes

Business goals or ‘Numbers’, is what business leaders are most concerned with (as they should be). But there is a right and a wrong way to drive numbers. This programme utilises micro video based lessons to equip your business managers with the right way of getting the best out their team members, including how to help under performing team members come up the performance curve.

It’s the science of productivity made really simple to understand and use.

Your business managers will thank you for this one!

Programmes Available

     Number of Micro-Lessons  Course Duration
1. The Traits that Differentiate High Achievers from Others and the Right Mindset to Adopt if One is to Join Their Ranks 5 60 mins
2. Personal Practices that Drive Peak Achievement 5 60 mins
3. The Science of Peak Team Productivity (How to Get Every Team Member Up the Performance Curve) 9 120 mins
4. Creating an Environment that Facilitates Peak Productivity 3 30 mins
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