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How to create digital learning content that the modern-day learner is excited to engage with (and loves).

Why eLearning initiatives often fail

Most eLearning content being offered today – the traditional click-based/ interactive content – is not optimised for the content consumption habits of the modern-day learner.

Little wonder then that organisations struggle to ensure e-learning offtake and user engagement with their LMS.

What the modern-day learner wants (it’s what we’ve mastered)

Over the last decade of our existence, Actuate Microlearning has spent time studying modern learners’ content consumption habits. Here’s what we’ve found they look for in their learning content:

Bite-sized modules

3 to 8-minute long modules, structured together to form a course. Four minutes is the sweet spot, we have found.

Multi-device compatible content, with an emphasis on smartphones

Learners who own them, consume content across device types, with a preference for smartphones.

Engaging writing

Even well-crafted visuals if accompanying poor and uninspiring writing will lead to learners tuning out. Great writing must necessarily precede engaging video development.

Visual (ideally, video) format

Video is the format of choice for people today. One billion hours of video content is consumed on YouTube, everyday. Learning content, if it is to be taken seriously by the learner, must be in video (the best option), slideshows (with a minimalistic design) and infographics formats.

Gamified courses

Content must include elements of gamification to ensure learner engagement.

Our study of the modern-day learner’s content consumption habits has informed our ability to create visually stunning video format microlearning courses, preceded by engaging scriptwriting, into an art form!

Video Learning Samples

Here are samples of video-format learning content that we have developed for various clients of ours. Please ensure that you do not miss out on previewing the thumbnail gallery below the main image.

In-House Capabilities

The team at Actuate Microlearning comprises the following disciplines:


Skills Available

Content Development/ Script Writing
Instructional Design
Creative/ Video Development
IT (Including SCORM, Web and LMS expertise)
Key Account Management

Indicative Industries and Clients Served

Over the last decade, we have served organisations across industry verticals. This experience has provided us with a deep insight into various industries and domains. Here are a few clients that we’ve had the privilege of serving:

Domain Expertise Available

We, at Actuate, can create content in the following fields or disciplines:


Areas Of Expertise
In-House SME Availability
Technical We have employees who have BFSI, Manufacturing, Sales, HR, L&D and IT backgrounds, who work in conjunction with client SMEs to create technical, product, HR and IT content. We also employ a team of consultants whom we work with in creating content.
Policies/ Product

Indicative Course Pedagogy

(How we ensure learner engagement and knowledge and skill development)

The courses Actuate Microlearning develops avoid academic format, and, instead, are more intuitive and engaging in their orientation.

How We Ensure Skill Development

We ensure skill development through:

Case studies with branching scenarios and feedback
(Click here for a demo)
A careful explanation of concepts with sufficient illustrations/ examples to ensure content absorption
(Click here for a demo)
‘Hidden’ elements with a ‘reveal’ function to ensure a greater depth of learning
(Click here for a demo)
Case studies, action learning projects and certain assessment types to practice the skills learned
(Click here for a demo)
Assessments (graded; various question types) with feedback on scores obtained
(Click here for a demo)

How We Ensure User Engagedness

We ensure user engagedness through:

First, answering the ‘What’s In It For Me’ question.

The course is pitched as a means of helping the learner deal with their everyday challenges.
(Click here for a demo)

Making the content less academic and more ‘use-case’ focussed
(Click here for a demo)
Employing a microlearning format (bite-sized lessons)
(Click here for a demo)
Ideally using video as the lesson format. or, in the absence of video, employing:

    • Dynamic, animated content (as opposed to static content). This includes:
      • Gamification elements (if agreed upon with the client)
      • Branching scenarios with feedback
      • Graded assessments
      • Frequently ‘moving’ elements
      • Animations
      • Voiceovers
      • Music (where needed)
      • Sound effects (where appropriate)

(Click here for a demo)

How We Evaluate Course Effectiveness

We measure course effectiveness through:

A pre-and-post course test
Ideally, caselet based, to assess change in knowledge levels(Click here for a demo)
Action Learning Projects (Where Applicable)
Depending on the LMS capabilities, we can offer you action learning plan forms, as well as implementation and effectiveness data capture forms.(Click here for a demo)


Listed below are testimonials from some of our happy clients.

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As so many of our clients have testified, Actuate’s services have the potential to add immense value to your key personnel.

If you desire to equip your employees with the skills to better meet business metrics, then get in touch with us:

+ 91 98201 96121

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