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How can managers get team members to take on and deliver upon stretch goals, which means doing more than the 100% that they are currently, and be happy doing so? How can managers amp up employee productivity while driving down attrition? Download this free eBook, based on cutting-edge research in the fields of psychology and workplace productivity, to find out more.

Equip Your Employees to Thrive in the Transformed Post-COVID-19 World: Microlearning Courses Launch

Actuate Microlearning is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of micro-video format courses on the following topics to help you equip your employees to successfully navigate the Post COVID-19 world.

  Course Course Format
Working From Home (Remote Working) Excellence Animated Micro-Videos + Graded tests
Handling a Remote Team, A Manager’s Guide Animated Micro-Videos + Graded tests
Virtual and Phone-Based Selling Masterclass Animated Micro-Videos + Graded tests
The Champions Formula: Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback (Including Appraisal Dialogue Skills) Live-Action Micro-Videos + Graded tests
Time Management – Reimagined for the Post COVID-19 World Live-Action Micro-Videos + Graded tests

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Please note: course launch commences on May 30th.

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