Consultative Skills Intervention Design

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Consultative Skills Programme Architecture

Format Participant Seat Time (Hours)  Go-Live Date

I. Pre-Launch Process

1 Intervention ‘marketing’ email creative 1 Email 0  
2 Intervention ‘marketing’ email creative 2 Email 0  
3 Intervention ‘marketing’ email creative 3 Email 0  

II. Pre-Intervention Process (for Line Managers)

1 Pre-intervention survey beta testing Online, survey form 15 mins
(for L&D)
2 Pre-intervention survey launch (Line managers fill in the survey) Online, survey form 10 mins per form
(for line managers)

III. Pre-Intervention Process (Programme Participants)

1 Intervention Launch Video Call
a. The need for evolved behavioural skills for success at work
(especially for a Digital and Analytics team)
b. Key behavioural skills for a team that is playing a consultative (diagnostic and advisory) role
c. Which of these skills would I need to develop?
(Self-assessment form + survey scores are shared)
d. Intervention details –
Objectives (to see change), change measurement tools, agenda, architecture, format, timelines, etc.


Intervention Execution




1 Module 1: Rapport Building and Client Need Identification
  a.   Rapport building Online learning video 12 mins  
b.   Active listening Online learning video 12 mins
a.    Rapport building V-ILT
(Hands-On; Activity Oriented)
2 hours  
b.   Probing – questioning, using an Appreciative Enquiry format, listening and paraphrasing
a.    Positive First Responses
2 Module 2: Solution Orientation and Ensuring Buy-In
  a.   How to influence buy-in – I: The anatomy of a sucessful elevator pitch Online learning video 8 mins  
b.   How to influence buy-in – II: Framing Online learning video 5 mins
b.    Air-Crash! Online preperatory case study 10 mins
a.    Solution Orientation (Finding a Way to Deliver + Speed and Quality in Delivery) V-ILT
(Hands-On; Activity Oriented)
2 – 2.5 hours  
b.    Influencing buy-in – how people ‘buy in’ to an idea
b.    [If time permits] Handling stakeholders when things go wrong
3 Module 3: Handling Hard-to Convince Stakeholders
  a.    How to reconcile differing viewpoints; arriving at the best possible negotiated outcome Online learning video 15 mins  
b.    Denying a request Online learning video 7 mins
a.   Arriving at the Best Possible Negotiated Agreement VILT 2 hours  
b.  Handling Objections
c. Handling Overly Demanding Stakeholders (Including handling scope change/creep)
4 Module 4:  Resilience- bouncing back from set-backs and failure
a.   Reillience – What it is, why it is important, and how to build it VILT 1 hour  

IV. Post-Intervention Process (for Line Managers)

1 Post-launch survey launch (Line managers fill in the survey) Online, survey form 10 mins per form  

Specific Steps I Will Take to Improve My Communication With My Onshore Counterparts

Benefits/Outcomes that will accrue if I do this

Target Date

Probable Barriers to Implementing My Action Plan

How I Will Overcome These Barriers

Target Date

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