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  • Dear Participant,

    We hope that this course has provided you with insights and inputs to aid your professional development.

    Please provide us with your honest feedback on this course. Your inputs will go a long way in ensuring that we continue to provide you with learning inputs that can help you become the professional of your dreams.

    Thanking you in advance.

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  • 1. The course objectives were made clear

  • 2. The course taught me things that I can benefit from

  • 3. The course content engaged me intellectually

  • 4. I found the lessons relatable

  • 5. The concepts and best-practices the course imparted were easy to understand

  • 6. I liked the format of the individual lessons in the course

  • 7. The tests/ assessments in the course accurately measured my knowledge levels

  • 8. The scope of the course was adequate (it covered required topics)

  • 9. The individual lessons in the course were of the right length

  • 10. The course was paced adequately (the interval between individual lessons was right)

  • 11. The online system/ platform where the content resides is intuitive to use

  • 12. I would recommend this course to others

  • Any further comments on the online course content

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