Critical Conversation Skills for Leaders-Catalogue


Critical Conversation Skills for Leaders

It’s all very well, till many a leader is confronted with those confounding and emotionally charged conversations.

Personal-Improvement-Plan discussions, conducting a termination discussion, handling disappointed employees and the like require evolved conversational intelligence, CQ for short.

Boost your leadership cadre’s CQ with these power-packed, video intensive suite of programmes. You will be thrilled at how well they will be equipped to conduct those critical conversations.

It’s critical that you act on this now, though!

Programmes Available

 Number of Micro-Lessons  Course Duration
1. Conducting Goal Setting Discussions 6 90 mins
2. Conducting PIP Discussions 10 120 mins
3. Essential Conversations, Difficult Conversations – I: Managing Disappointments 3 60 mins
4. Essential Conversations, Difficult Conversations – II: Conducting Termination Conversations 7 70 mins
5. Conducting Appraisal Dialogues /td> 8 90 mins
6. Effectively Communicating and Managing Change Situations/td> 6 60 mins
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