Developing Problem Solving Skills for Leaders


Developing Problem Solving Skills for Leaders

On the other side of a problem, they say, lies a hitherto unexplored benefit or bonus.

That’s only if one knows how to get to that other side.

Devoid of a systematic, scientifically designed process of resolving problems, one could be ‘hacking away at the branches, rather than uprooting the problem from its roots’.

Well, no more!

With our problem-solving suite of programmes, your leaders can now facilitate effective group problem solving sessions or do so by themselves.

Think of all the problems that you wish your leaders would successfully tackle. Now, give them a systematic means of doing so.

At the least, you’ll have a few less problems to worry about.

Programmes Available

     Number of Micro-Lessons  Course Duration
1. Isolating the Problem You Want to Solve 4 60 mins
2. Problem Solving Skills 3 60 mins
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