IntroductionYou can Harmonise Work and Personal Life

Remote working is the need of the hour, and organisations are increasingly accepting it as a viable option for their employees.

Organisations are learning that smaller office spaces will help reduce office real estate costs and other incidentals that are a part of renting or owning large offices.

Additionally, businesses are now aware that employees can perform many roles just as well from their homes, as from an office.

Not All Employees Feel the Same Way Though

However, not all employees who have experienced working from home are unanimous in their happiness with or acceptance of it.

‘We’re living at work’, ‘Nothing is working out as we want it to’, ‘Everything takes longer’ and ‘What about our progress?’ best describe these employees’ reasoning.

We, at Actuate Microlearning, know why many employees feel this way. There exist many challenges that employees working from home experience.

For example, the lines between work hours and non-work hours have nearly ceased to exist. Multiple operational issues, even if these existed earlier, have now become more pronounced. Also, remote working, most likely from one’s own home, does not offer all the facilities that an office environment offers.

The Conundrum Needs Urgent Redressal

It is imperative and urgent that challenges that come with remote working be addressed and resolutions sought. Failure to do this will lead to employees losing focus and getting increasingly disillusioned. This, in turn, will negatively affect employee productivity and organisational profitability.

This course, titled “Remote Working Effectiveness’ is a guide for individuals working remotely to not just meet, but surpass targets or KPI’s, without slogging endlessly and letting work eat into one’s personal life.

Our lessons will help you harmonise your work and non-work life and yet be a productive, progressive employee.

Course Details

  • Number of Microlessons: 06
  • Lesson Format: Videos and graded tests
  • Course Duration: 40 mins
  • Course Material: Available for download
  • Certification: Yes
  • Pass Percentage: 90%

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