Leadership Programme Survey

Peak: People Leadership Post-Programme Survey

  • I am satisfied with the one-to one help that my reportee provides her/ his team members to help them improve workplace performance.

  • When it comes to regular performance conversations, my reportee focusses more on how things can be improved (a future focus) and less on pointing out mistakes and their causes (a past focus)/requirements

  • My reportee bases review conversations on solid data/ evidence and not on hear-say or incomplete data

  • Performance conversations that my reportee conducts with her/ his team members are a dialogue (two-way communication) and less of talking down to them (one-way communication)

  • Team members have reported feeling excited and/or inspired when they hear my manager talk about the organisation’s future

  • My reportee communicates to team members how even the mundane tasks that they perform daily at work impacts the larger goals and mission of the organsation

  • When changes take place within the organisation, my reportee takes the time to explain the rationale and purpose behind these changes or decisions to team members

  • In situations where a team member’s personal needs and the organisation’s needs clash, my reportee looks to find a way to satisfy both sets of needs

  • My reportee initiates team bonding activities to foster better relationships between team members

  • My reportee actively discourages behaviours that can lead to breakdown in team member relationships (viz., gossip, backbiting, slander)

  • My reportee allows team members to make decisions at work

  • The goals that my reportee sets for individual team members are challenging, but within their reach. The goals are not irrational.

  • My reportee has clearly communicated to team members a plan to help them grow in knowledge and skills at work

  • My reportee has jointly developed a plan to help team members achieve their career goals

  • When giving praise, my reportee is specific about what team members have done correctly

  • My reportee praises people at or around the moment that they have done something right (and not only during formal appraisals, etc.).

  • My reportee appreciates team members, when their conduct is in line with the values of the organisation

  • When a team member is visibly low/ disappointed/ sad, my reportee will initiate a conversation with them to understand, and, possibly, resolve the matter

  • When conducting critical conversations, my reportee manages her/ his emotions effectively (behaves rationally, rather than let emotions drive behaviour)

  • My reportee communicates difficult messages with sensitivity and tact

  • My reportee will conduct difficult conversations directly (without beating around the bush)

  • My reportee actively initiates measures to resolve serious conflicts between team members

  • My reportee has a plan to develop the next rung of leaders for the team

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