Our Courses

Tact! Conversational Intelligence in Navigating Difficult Situations

Assertiveness Skills

Critical Conversation Skills for Leaders

Ensuring Complete Customer Delight

Handling Difficult Customer Situations

Advanced Presentation Content Development Skills

Biases in Thinking (Cognitive Biases) and How They Affect Decision Making

Sway! Influencing Without Power

Employee Engagement

Advanced Presentation Delivery (Public Speaking) Skills

A Big Picture Orientation in Strategic Thinking

Analytical Thinking in Group Decision Making

Problem Solving Skills

Analytical Thinking in Personal Decision Making

Communication Skills

Corporate Etiquette

Time Management Skills

Performance Coaching to Help Improve Team Member Performance

Mastering PowerPoint: Getting Familiar With PowerPoint

Advanced Business PowerPoint Skills

Intermediate Excel

Advanced Excel – Part 1

Advanced Excel – Part 2

Priming for Takeoff!

Building High Performance Teams

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