Priming for Take Off!

Twelve Insights into Launching A Successful Career for Employees Joining the Workforce

Introduction to this course

The ‘Priming for Take Off!’ course is part of Actuate’s Campus to Corporate suite of programmes.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to equip fresh joinees who are making the jump from college to the workplace with the attitudes and practices that will set them up for a lifetime of professional fulfilment and success.

It will also help employers pass on the right messages that all entrants to the corporate life.

Course Format
  • Micro video lessons followed by an assessment
  • Participants earn points for successful and timely completion of lessons. The points populate on a leaderboard, thus ensuring friendly competition/ gamification.
Course Administration (Zero Manual Work for You)

The Actuate Cloud LMS, where the course is hosted, manages the following tasks for you:

  1. Administration – drip feeding – of lessons
  2. Tacking completion and sending out reminders
  3. Escalating matters when three reminders have been ignored
  4. Tracking points and updating the leaderboard (in real-time)
  5. Providing you with a real time completion report and leaderboard

Meaning your new joinees get a great course, with zero manual effort from your end.

Microlessons List With Key Messages Under Each Lesson

Here, in a nutshell, are the lessons that constitute this course. The key messages under each lesson has also been shared. You may view the key messages by clicking on the + icon to the right.

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