Problem Solving Skills

On the other side of a problem, they say, lies a hitherto unexplored benefit or bonus.

That’s only if one knows how to get to that other side.

Devoid of a systematic, scientifically designed process of resolving problems, one could be ‘hack­ing away at the branches, rather than uprooting the problem from its roots’.

Well, no more!

In this course, we share with you how to facilitate effective group problem-solving sessions or do so yourself. Think of all the problems that you wish you could successfully tackle. Now, here is a systematic means of doing so.

At the least, you’ll have fewer problems to worry about!

Category Developing Problem Solving Skills
No. of Lessons 6
Effort 10 – 15 mins, every 3 days
Course Duration 18 days
Lesson Formats Assessments, Videos, Infographics, Quizzes
Level Advanced
Language English
Transcript English
Certification Yes
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