Learning Effectiveness Evaluation made easy…

With Actuate Microlearning’s ROI generator in one quarter programme!

Are you struggling to show what part does training play in the success of your organisation?
Are your CXO’s asking for monetary return on the amount invested in training needs?

Learning and Development (L&D) as a department is viewed as a cost centre!

To prove that money invested gives tangible returns, an L&D personnel has to show the senior management an ROI Analysis.
I.e, proper comparison between training expenditure and effectiveness of training to be shown to senior management.

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Join us for our massive ROI Generator in One Quarter Programme.

Get, 201 English Video Microlessons, Vernacular Compliance Video Microlearning Courses and a great deal of freebies. Freebies are enlisted here below –

Soft Skills Programme
Our comprehensive+ instructor-led training (ILT) sessions are specifically designed to enhance your employees with a wide range of competencies such as effective communication, time management, problem-solving, people skills, emotional intelligence and more. These carefully curated sessions aim to empower them in their professional growth and excel in their roles.
Invest in your workforce’s development and unlock their full potential to cultivate and refine essential soft skills with our transformative soft skills program.

Leadership Development Journeys
1. Blended-Format – ILT+Self Paced Video Microlearning
2. Action Learning Project
3. Number of Competencies/ Skills Covered)
By seamlessly integrating instructor-led training (ILT) with self-paced video microlearning, a blended learning approach can help transform your leadership learning journey into a dynamic one. Enable your leaders to master the art of influencing organisational stakeholders and strategically drive the organization’s goals towards success.
Empower your leaders with extraordinary leadership blended learning journey to unleash their potential to transform themselves and the organisation.

Intermediate and Advanced Excel ILT sessions
Equip your employees with the necessary tools and techniques to master and elevate their Excel proficiency with our intermediate and advanced Excel ILT sessions. Empower your workforce with Excel mastery for swift task completion and revolutionise data-driven tasks.
Empower your workforce with Excel mastery to enhance your employee’s MS Excel skills and efficiency with data-driven tasks.

Learner engagement and course marketing activities
Get 85+% course completion rates from your learners in 120 days with the Actuate eLearning Success Blueprint

L&D effectiveness analytics dashboards
Impress your boss and your CXOs with ready, mind-blowing monthly analytics dashboards for your eLearning programmes every month with The Actuate Analytics Package

“Done for you” LMS admin services for our courses
Don’t burden your team with course content upload, testing, launching and troubleshooting duties. With Actuate’s “Done for You” Services, we manage all these for you

Kirkpatrick & Jack Phillips level 1-4 evaluation
Position your L&D team as a value-driven function by incorporating the Kirkpatrick Level 1 to Level 4 evaluation framework to effectively showcase the impact of your learning and development interventions and demonstrate Return on Investment (RoI) to your senior management.
Show your senior management a concrete ROI on your eLearning implementation to solidify your role as a strategic partner in driving your organisational success.

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