Module 5: Managing Operational Aspects for a Remote Team

One of the most important aspects of handling remote teams is recreating an office environment. In this course you will learn how – you as a manager – can help your remote team create an office environment at home.

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Module 1: Introduction – Four Key Manager Responsibilities When Handling Remote Teams

Organisations around the world have actively started considering the option of working from home for some percentage for their workforce.

While working from home has benefits, not everybody is equipped with the knowledge required for dealing with the issues that remote working puts forth.

In this course, we will be specifically talking about how managers can handle remote teams.

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Module 4: Managing Performance With Remote Team Members

Every manager wants their team to be well-functioning and be at the top of their game. But what role do you as a manager play in helping your team rise up?

This course will help you understand what you as a manager can do to facilitate peak performance.

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