Superior Credit Quality


Superior Credit Quality

How does one conduct sensitive discussions with promoters and/ or CXO level individuals with tact and poise? How does one pose those sensitive discussions, and obtain the desired information without offending them?

How does one deal with tricky customers or negative customer reactions during such discussions?

These are the skills that we will equip your key personnel within and through this programme.

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     Number of Micro-Lessons  Course Duration
1. Conducting the Personal Discussion    
  a. Module 1: Why PD Skills 3 30 mins
  b. Module 2: What You Must Do Before the PD (Preparation) 4 40 mins
  c. Module 3: Questioning Skills 3 30 mins
  d. Module 4: Setting the Stage for a Great PD 2 20 mins
  e. Module 5: Handling Negative Reactions From Customers 4 40 mins
  f. Module 6: Closing the PD 2 20 mins
  g. [Optional] Module 7: Business Etiquette & Professional Grooming 2 20 mins
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