What’s My Leadership Style?

Self-assessment questions: Read through the situation questions and then choose (only) one response from the corresponding Alternative Action statements that most appeals to you or that you feel seems the most characteristic of you.

In some cases, none of the responses may be appealing or characteristic of you. Nonetheless, please select the statement you prefer or feel suits you best.

1. Your group is not responding lately to your friendly conversation and obvious concern for their welfare. Their performance is also declining rapidly.

2. The observable performance of your group is increasing. You have been making sure that all members were aware of their responsibilities and expected standards of performance.

3. Members of your group are unable to solve a problem themselves. You have normally left them alone. Group performance and interpersonal relations have been good.

4. You are considering a change. Your group has a fine record of accomplishment. They respect the need for change.

5. The performance of your group has been dropping during the last few months. Members have been unconcerned with meeting objectives. Redefining roles and responsibilities has helped it the past. They have continually needed reminding to have their tasks done on time.

6. You stepped into an efficiently run group. The previous leader tightly controlled the situation. You want to maintain a productive situation, but would like to begin having more time building interpersonal relationships among members.

7. You are considering changing to a structure that will be new to your group. Members of the group have made suggestions about needed change. The group has been productive and demonstrated flexibility.

8. Group performance and interpersonal relations are good. You feel somewhat unsure about your lack of direction in the group.

9. You have been appointed to give leadership to a study group that is far overdue in making requested recommendations for change. The group is not clear on its goals. Attendance at sessions has been poor. Their meetings have turned into social gatherings. Potentially they have the talent necessary to help.

10. Your group, usually able to take responsibility, is not responding to your recent redefining of job responsibilities as a result of one member leaving the city.

11. You have been promoted to a leadership position. The previous leader was involved in the affairs of the group. The group has adequately handled its tasks and direction. Interpersonal relationships in the group are good.

12. Recent information indicates some internal difficulties among group members. The group has a remarkable record of accomplishment. Members have effectively maintained long- range goals. The have worked in harmony for the past year. All are well qualified for the tasks.

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