Why Our Content is Best Suited for an Indian Audience

Content with a Global Orientation but an Indian Context

Content with a Global Orientation and Based on the Soundest Research

You want your employees to learn from the best, worldwide.

That is why Actuate’s content draws upon case studies and research from the best sources from across the world. See the video below as a case in point.



The bottom line: Equip your employees with content that’s on par with any available, globally.

Content made in India, for India

Now, while our content is on par with what’s available globally, we recognise that if the Indian learner is to relate to and be able to learn from it, it must be local in its content. It must be contextualised to the Indian workplace scenario.

All our content has been:

  • Has been created in India
  • Uses Indian scenarios and actors making the lessons comprehensible and relatable

Watch the video clips below as an illustration



The bottom line: Eliminate the complaint that learners have about foreign content being unrelatable and incomprehensible.

Explore Our Course Catalogue

Our courses are the product of the many years of highly successful, customised classroom

workshops that we have delivered to our clients. We’ve now packaged this content as video-based, micro e-learning offerings.

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