Business Presentation Superstar

A Dozen Ideas to Help You Create Compelling Presentations and to Thrill Your Audience.

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Okay?! What are we waiting for? Let's go then.

What this e-book is about

Your technical skills though critical, are likely insufficient!

Study after study has shown that it is soft skills that have a greater impact on career success, as compared to technical skills. In fact a study by Hay/McBer found out that an individual’s Emotional Quotient (soft skills) had a seventy percent impact on a person’s career success, while technical skills had a thirty percent impact on a person’s success at work. One of the key skills that they found was closely correlated to career success was one’s ability to communicate, motivate and influence people.

Absence of these abilities can severely stunt your career progression.

These abilities are the basis of your career progression, and this e-book will help you by helping you acquire one critical skill that professionals in today’s workplace are required to possess: how to communicate in front of, and influence an audience. Or, in other words how to become a business presentation superstar.

Now, you can learn how to design and deliver standout presentations

May we present - Business Presentation Superstar:

‘A dozen ideas to help you create compelling presentations and to thrill your audience’

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Create relevant content
  • Design stunning slides
  • Prepare for your presentation
  • Deliver a ‘superstar’ performance

How this book is structured

This book is divided into three broad sections:

  1. Presentation content design and structuring
  2. Slide design and preparation
  3. Presentation delivery

The book follows the steps that you will follow when you are required to deliver a presentation, no?

Use this book as a guide to help you at every step of your journey to create and deliver your presentation.

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