Video-Format Microlearning Course

The Champion Formula

Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback for Managers
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Content Outline

Topics covered as microlessons

Pre-Course Assessment
1. The Champion’s Formula – Pre-course Assessment
Module 1: Introduction
1. a. Introduction – New Skills for an Altered Workscape
Module 2: Providing Feedback – Key Points to Remember
1. Why it’s Time to Junk Feedback Conversations (And What Works Better)
2. Why ‘Feeling Good’ is Critical to the Success of a Critical Conversation Like an Appraisal or a Performance Discussion
Module 3: Conducting Feedforward Conversations
1. How to Conduct Feed-Forward Conversations
2. How to Prevent Feed-Forward Conversations from Turning Awry
3. Challenges in Conducting Feed-Forward Conversations and How to Tackle These
Module 4: Receiving Feedback
1. Receiving Feedback
Module 5: Downloadable Resources
1. Downloadable resources
Post-Course Assessment
1. Post-Course Assessment

More Course Details

Course Material Available for download
No. of Lessons 6
Course Duration 1 hr 10 Min
Course Customisation Available
Certification Yes

We recognise that people learn very differently today. With the advent of YouTube and WhatsApp, we are more attuned to consuming information in bite-sized chunks and visual formats.

Courses that Actuate offers are, therefore:


In Live-Action Video format:
Learners connect with and trust human and not animated instructors. That’s why (almost) all our courses utilise human narrators, and live-action role-plays. Here’re a few examples:

All our courses are made up of multiple bite-sized lessons, each of which is between four and eight minutes in duration. This ensures better lesson offtake because it is easier for learners to carve out five or eight minutes in their busy schedules, as opposed to the longer hour-something dedicated chunks of time that traditional e-learning demands (which users usually simply put off for ‘another day’).
In engaging visual formats
We use highly visual and engaging video, slideshow or infographic formats in our lessons. Meaning, everyone – especially the modern-day learner – loves them! Say goodbye to boring eLearning.
Assessment ready 
Structured in a lesson and assessment format, each micro lesson is followed by an objective-style assessment. This helps you ascertain if and how much of the lesson the learner has imbibed.
Downloadble resources included 
We’ve included a downloadable quick reference guide in PDF format and a lesson implementation tool for managers to guide them in implementing the lessons contained in the course. Here’s what the downloadable resources look like:

How We Deliver Our Courses to You

We tailor our off-the-shelf courses to your eLearning strategy and infrastructure. So, we can offer you our courses:

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We offer you the courses in SCORM format – configured as per your requirements and co-branded – and you can host these on your LMS.

2. On our Cloud LMS (with a portal branded for you)

Your learners can take the courses from our CloudLMS. You will receive a dashboard where you can view user progress, course completion and points scored reports

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The first 25 customers get a 20% extension on the contract period. For Free!

Also, the course price is slated to increase by 12.5% from October 9th. So, please do hurry!

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