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Security and data breaches have been on the rise for a few years now.

In the current technological world, where it has become easier than ever to access data, every day brings news of more and more security breaches and compromised data. In fact, if reports are to be believed, 7 million data records are compromised every day.

While it’s true that the root of these data breaches may lie outside the organisation, don’t make the mistake of believing that the cause only lies outside; there are many instances where the cause lies within the organisation, possibly as a result of poor access control mechanism or malicious employees who might be the reason behind access control breaches. Most organisations deploy sophisticated access control systems to keep security breaches at bay. However, these systems can sometimes have loopholes that can be misused by bad actors.

But what are these access control breaches and how can we safeguard ourselves from such breaches?

Take the lessons in this module to find out and don’t forget to take the quiz where applicable.

Happy Learning!

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