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Do you remember the old childhood warning “Stranger Danger!”.

It stands good even today. However, its scope has expanded from merely a stranger across the street to online strangers across the world having easy access to your data. And if you’re not careful, you may very well be the target of malicious cyber attackers.

Today, most of our daily activities and interactions are internet-based, and we all know that the data on the internet is as safe as jewelry placed in an open locker.

We would therefore need to be extra careful when interacting and sharing information with unknown entities and people; especially the unverifiable ones.

Meaning, we need to take the same level of precaution when we did we did as children, when a stranger approached us with a bar of chocolate.

Why? Because if reports are to be believed, nearly one-third of the world’s computers are infected with some type of malware.

But what happens when you don’t pay heed to the childhood warning? What could go wrong if you share confidential organisation related and personal data with unauthorised and unverifiable sources?

Take the lessons in this module to find out, and don’t forget to take the quiz where applicable.

Happy Learning!

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