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No matter what we do or how well we do it, there’s no escaping the fact that some criticism is virtually guaranteed to come our way, and those moments are often some of the toughest we all face in work and life.

So, how do you normally receive feedback, especially constructive feedback? Do you react defensively? Do you get into a passive aggressive mode, where you stay silent, but don’t really accept the feedback? or Do you accept it with grace and modesty?

Truth be told, most people could use some help on receiving feedback with grace and modesty, which is a topic we will explore at length in this course.

Happy Learning!

Specific Steps I Will Take to Improve My Communication With My Onshore Counterparts

Benefits/Outcomes that will accrue if I do this

Target Date

Probable Barriers to Implementing My Action Plan

How I Will Overcome These Barriers

Target Date

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