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Any unwelcome sexual conduct – be it of a physical, verbal or non-verbal nature – comes under the ambit of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace and is punishable by law.

In this course, we intend to help learners:

1. Develop awareness on the behaviours that constitute sexual harassment.
2. Provide basic information on relevant laws.
3. Learn about their rights and available concrete grievance redressal methods, in case they find themselves as victims of sexual harassment.

Happy Learning!

Note: This course can be customized to reflect/ disseminate your unique sexual harassment policies and guidelines. Do reach out to us if you wish to discuss any customization related matters with us.

Specific Steps I Will Take to Improve My Communication With My Onshore Counterparts

Benefits/Outcomes that will accrue if I do this

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Probable Barriers to Implementing My Action Plan

How I Will Overcome These Barriers

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