Leadership Programme dashboard

Dear Survey Respondent,

This is a humble request for your time and honest inputs.

What this is all about

You would be aware that the L&D Team, in partnership with CitrusLearning Systems, is conducting a people leadership developmental intervention titled ‘PEAK’ for all its people managers.

As part of this intervention, we are conducting a survey, which is intended to provide your reportee(s) with feedback into their leadership style and practices.

How will your inputs help (and, what’s in this for you)?

Your inputs will help:

  • determine the specific areas under people leadership that the intervention will need to focus on
  • your reportee learn how to better manage their team’s workplace performance, develop cohesive and engaged teams and develop the ability to conduct crucial conversations with tact and poise

Bottom-line: Your inputs will go a long way in helping your reportee grow as a professional and leader.

A humble request

We request you to take a few minutes to provide your manager with some honest feedback. This survey will take you no longer than fifteen minutes to complete.

As mentioned, your inputs will go a long way in helping your reportee further hone her/ his people management ability.

Help us help you. And, thank you in advance for your time and honesty.


Jerson James,

Founder & CEO, CitrusLearning Systems

Survey Assessee List


Natasha Cyril
Lavina Borana
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