Module 5: Empower! Receiving Feedback

So far, in this course, we’ve learned how to provide feedback. However, do you realise that receiving feedback is as much a challenge as giving it?

In this module, we explore why it is that we receive feedback badly and how we can teach ourselves to do so effectively?

We request you to study the lesson carefully.

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Module 4: Conducting Feedforward Conversations – Empower!

In the previous module, we learned that:

– Managers must focus on conducting feedforward, and not feedback conversations
– During the performance or appraisal conversation, managers must avoid behaviours that trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response in their team members
– Managers must trigger the release of Oxytocin, the chemical associated with bonding and collaboration, in their team member’s brains; that this is key to the success of the critical conversation

With that background established, we will now look at how managers can conduct effective feedforward conversations and deal with the associated challenges.

We request you to study the lessons carefully.

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Module 3: Providing Feedback – Key Points to Remember

Before we get to learn how to give feedback, there are two essential points that you must bear in mind. We cover these in the following video lessons, each of which has an associated assessment.

We request you to study the videos carefully.

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