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Perpetual License – 29 Courses, 292 Micro Video Lessons at a Special Price

This Black Friday, we, at Actuate Microlearning, are offering you:


A perpetual license – meaning your organisation gets to keep the courses for perpetuity (no annual license fee renewals)
Our entire catalogue of 29 video-based microlearning courses on behavioural managerial, leadership cognitive and technical skills subjects (that’s 52 hours of micro-video format learning content)

We are offering the following Black Friday deals for clients who wish to procure a subset of our course catalogue:

  • Any five courses for INR 4 lacs + GST
  • Any ten courses for INR 6.5 lacs + GST
  • Twenty-nine courses for INR 8 lacs + GST

Importantly, you get to keep the courses for perpetuity (no annual licensing hassles anymore).
The list of courses is attached for your perusal.
The offer on our entire catalogue of 29 micro-video format courses (292 micro video-based lessons with assessments; 52 hours of learning) for a mere 8 lacs + GST is the best price we are offering. That’s a 70% discount on our usual price of INR 26 lacs + GST.  Seen another way, you get each course for INR 25,500. Now, that’s what you would call a steal!

P.S. This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer or set-off against any other contract that you have with us.


About Our Courses

We recognise that people learn very differently today. With the advent of YouTube and WhatsApp, we are more attuned to consuming information in bite-sized chunks and visual formats.

Courses that Actuate offers are, therefore:


In Live-Action Video format:

Learners connect with and trust human and not animated instructors. That’s why (almost) all our courses utilise human narrators, and live-action role-plays. Here’re a few examples:


All our courses are made up of multiple bite-sized lessons, each of which is between four and eight minutes in duration. This ensures better lesson offtake because it is easier for learners to carve out five or eight minutes in their busy schedules, as opposed to the longer hour-something dedicated chunks of time that traditional e-learning demands (which users usually simply put off for ‘another day’).

In engaging visual formats

We use highly visual and engaging video, slideshow or infographic formats in our lessons. Meaning, everyone – especially the modern-day learner – loves them! Say goodbye to boring eLearning.

Assessment ready 

Structured in a lesson and assessment format, each micro lesson is followed by an objective-style assessment. This helps you ascertain if and how much of the lesson the learner has imbibed.

Highly rated by users

Course List

Our twenty-nine courses cover subjects such as:

  • Soft skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Technical Skills

Please click here to view a list of our courses.

Check Before You Buy 

Please reach out to us if you wish to preview any of our courses. Simply:

  + 91 98201 96121


Indicative Client List & Testimonials 

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about our learning content offerings.

Here is an indicative list of our clients:


Limited Period Offer 

This offer is only valid till December 20th. Now, while this offer is for our entire course catalogue, we could work out preferential pricing for you on a subset of our catalogue too.


Do reach out to let us know if this might interest you.


  + 91 98201 96121

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